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Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Schumacher accepted death as part of the risk

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Schumacher accepted death as part of the risk ''If you don't accept that, you have a problem''

In an elaborate interview with the German magazine Die Zelt, Michael Schumacher discussed the past, the present, and the future.

The seven-time F1 World Champion also discussed what remains the most difficult moment of his long career in racing: "It was the accident which cost Senna's life in 1994."

"That woke me up," he shared. "I told myself that it could happen to anyone, anywhere. If you don't accept that, you have a problem. I never left home with the fear of not returning, but only with the hope of winning the race."

"The important thing is to know at which point the risk-taking cannot be calculated," Schumacher explained.

"I always go up to the limit, but sometimes there can be bad luck, like at Silverstone, " he added, referring to the leg he broke at the British Grand Prix in 1999.

Some things cannot be avoided in our existence, and Schumacher is very aware of our mortal condition: "Have I a made a will? Of course, and I recommend that everyone do the same."

The multiple champion has retired from a risky sport, but the thrill remains as he now enjoys other somewhat risky activities such as parachuting and motorcycle races.

"I do not have any particular objective with motorcycles because I started too late. I have my professional career behind me now and I only look at enjoying myself," Schumacher said.


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