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Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Schumacher looking forward to Race of Champion

http://f1.gpupdate. net/en/news/ 2008/12/10/ schumacher- looking-forward- to-race-of- champion/

Schumacher looking forward to Race of Champion

Michael Schumacher will join the Race of Champions again later this month in the Wembley stadium. The seven time world champion in Formula 1 is looking forward to the spectacular event in London.

Schumacher is pretty clear why he can't wait to join the fight again in the Wembley stadium later this month. He said: "It is first of all big fun! It is just weird driving in such a stadium as everything is extremely narrow, but at the same time you look at it and wonder how they managed to build a track with enough space for everything. It is spectacular to drive and to watch, and this is why it works so well
since so many years.

"The nice thing about it is that you meet all the guys from the other motorsport areas and can spend some time with them. Usually this is quite impossible, as everybody is either busy or in the middle of a race weekend. The atmosphere is very relaxed, you can hang around with them, and this is just great."

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