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Selasa, 03 Februari 2009

Ferrari modify exhaust design

http://en.f1- f1/en/headlines/ news/detail/ 090130083813. shtml

Ferrari modify exhaust design
Bringing the F60 in-line with new regulations

Ferrari has now modified the rear exhaust outlets of its new F60, after rivals expressed concern about the launch design's legality.

Numerous teams, including McLaren Mercedes, BMW Sauber and Toyota, had questioned the design of the exposed exhaust pipes.

It was reported that the 2009 Ferrari contravened the new bodywork regulations cracking down on aerodynamic appendages like winglets and other accessories.

It now emerges that Ferrari has modified the design so that the pipes do not protrude beyond the allowed tolerance above the surface of the bodywork.

It should be noted that Ferrari's controversial design complied with the original 2009 regulations, but a clarification about exhaust pipes was subsequently made in September by FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting.

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