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Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

Ferrari reiterate desire to put Schumi in third car


Ferrari have reiterated their desire to have three cars instead of two per team next season - and to put Michael Schumacher in the third car.

Schumacher came close to coming out of retirement in the build-up to the Valencia GP after Ferrari announced that he would replace the injured Felipe Massa.

However, an injury of his own forced Schumacher to call off his comeback, leaving many fans as well as current drivers disappointed.

Ferrari, though, are still keen for the German to return to racing, pushing for the FIA to change the rules to allow teams to each run three cars.

"It is correct to say that, if everything is fine, why not see him (Schumacher) in one of our cars?" Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali told the Times newspaper.

"It is true we are pushing (for three cars instead of two). We feel it is for the benefit of Formula One and it is better to make sure the biggest teams have three cars because that's what people want."

"With all respect to the smaller teams, the value of Formula One is to have good drivers, great personalities, in good cars and with a great brand."

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