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Senin, 16 November 2009

Czech Republic aims to join F1 fold


The Czech Republic is the latest country to express an interest in Formula One, targeting Prague as a potential venue for a grand prix.

Plans are already underway for the new venue, which will be located outside Prague city centre. The design of the track has been drafted by F1 circuit designer Hermann Tilke and will run through the streets of the city, including a 1.3-mile permanent section.

But before F1 hits the track, the venue could play host a round of the DTM series.

"F1 is the ambition," circuit promoter Toni Charouz told Autosport. "If we put on a good show with the DTM, then maybe we can have a grand prix, but we've got nothing on paper yet.

"This track will be very central in a city of 1.5million people. This type of track is the future of motor racing."

Charouz added that work on the track is expected to begin next year as planning is "90 per cent complete."

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