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Selasa, 03 November 2009

Michael: Rubens will be Hulkenberg's teacher

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Williams technical director Sam Michael believes Rubens Barrichello will offer Nico Hulkenberg both support and experience as the German tackles his first season in F1.

On Monday, Williams confirmed that they had signed Barrichello from Brawn GP for next year's Championship while also announcing that Hulkenberg would be making the step up from test driver to race driver.

The duo offering an interesting mix of experience and raw talent with Williams confident that Barrichello is the man to teach Hulkenberg everything he needs to know in F1.

"We wanted to put someone quite experienced and strong and a grand prix winner next to Hulkenberg so that he develops properly," Michael told Reuters.

"We didn't want him to come in as a rookie and not have that support.

"He (Hulkenberg) will... get to look at someone who is a multiple grand prix winner and look at how they work and how they blend the team around them and get the team to do the best job for them."

And although Hulkenberg has yet to take part in a single Formula One grand prix, Michael is already predicting that the 22-year-old German has the potential to one day win the Drivers' Championship title.

"Inside Williams we have a big spreadsheet which basically maps a driver's achievements from the age of eight and the reference in that spreadsheet has been Lewis Hamilton because of what he did from eight years old to get into F1," said Michael.

"Basically Nico Hulkenberg has been on exactly the same path, coming up obviously through different countries.

"There's no point in putting a rookie in the car unless you think he can be a World Champion."

Michael also revealed that the deals with Barrichello and Hulkenberg had been in the pipeline for quite a while as the team decided "long time ago" which route they wanted to take regarding their 2010 line-up.

"It was something we had on our target a long time ago and really it was pretty straightforward when those options came up," he said.

"We were pretty certain when we did it that it was the right thing and everything that has happened since has just reinforced our view more and more."

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