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Minggu, 19 April 2009

Button: We couldn't challenge Red Bull

By Simon Strang
Sunday, April 19th 2009

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Jenson Button admitted he was powerless to stop Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber dominating the wet Chinese Grand Prix for Red Bull.

The world championship leader finished a distant third for Brawn GP, having only led the race during the two pitstop windows. This was in stark contrast to his commanding victories in the first two races of 2009.

"We couldn't challenge these people [Vettel and Webber] today, who were immensely quick, but it is great to score six points which is important for the consistency," said Button, who revealed that he had struggled to get heat into his wet tyres during the race and actually weaved down the back straight on occasion to try and warm them up.

"I wasn't weaving to block honestly! I just wanted to get heat into the tyres," he said.

"Rubens [Barrichello] and myself struggled quite a bit, I don't know what reason for that is, car working in a different way, we will solve those problems in the future."

Button, a renowned wet weather driver, added that the conditions had proved challenging and that he was relieved to have taken a podium from a difficult race.

"I think everyone was struggling with the aquaplaning out there, it was pretty crazy conditions into the last corner - it was a lake and I couldn't brake for the corner," he said. "A few other places were the same, the tyres shuddered as you couldn't get temperature in to them.

"It was difficult race and every lap you thought you were going to throw the car off, you really did. So to finish the race was an achievement and to come home on podium is also great."

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