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Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

Button celebrates title on his own


By Pablo Elizalde

Jenson Button celebrated his first Formula 1 world championship alone in his Sao Paolo hotel room, just lying on a bed smiling.

"I was up until about four just really lying in bed with a big grin on my face," Button told reporters at his hotel on Monday, one day after clinching the title at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

"Just time by myself, just relaxing and thinking about what I had achieved. That was the best place for me.

"I only slept for about three hours, I couldn't sleep for any longer. I just wanted to be awake to enjoy it. I woke up every hour just with a smile on my face.

"I've got a few pinch marks on my arm. In my engineering debrief yesterday with Shov (race engineer Andrew Shovlin), we were running through everything and I lent over and I pinched his arm and he squealed like a girl.

"He said 'what was that for?' and I said 'Shov, I'm just making sure you're awake'. And then...I needed to make sure I was awake so I had to pinch myself as well.

"It's been such a memorable few days, such a rollercoaster of emotions just even over this weekend. Forget the season, just this weekend," the Briton was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The newly-crowned world champion said he just wanted time to enjoy his achievement after having spent some 45 minutes at Brawn's post-race party.

"I think most drivers when they have the possibility of winning the world championship, they go crazy," added Button, wearing a t-shirt with the message 'What goes around comes around.'

"They go out and have an absolutely crazy evening. But we all celebrate in different ways and for me to just chill on my own was the best thing for me.

"I obviously wanted to go out and congratulate the whole team, which I did, and then I got home and just relaxed and just took everything in. It was perfect.

"It was great to see all the guys, they were on top form but it was a bit hectic for me. It was just so full on...I wanted a bit of alone time."

He added: "It's always difficult in a nightclub to speak to people because it's so loud and there's so much going on.

"Everyone's celebrating but you can't feel the emotion together. Wednesday will be the time when I see everyone that's put this together and made this happen and that will be the special time for me."

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