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Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

The Fire Inside

Race 11: Hungaria (31 Juli 2011)
Another disappointment race for Michael Schumacher. Sepanjang akhir pekan itu, Michael Schumacher kalah kencang dari rekan setimnya, meski di hari Jum’at selisih waktu mereka tak terlalu jauh. Tapi di hari Sabtu, gap antara Michael dan Nico cukup jauh. Dan puncak dari akhir pekan tak menyenangkan ini adalah Schumi terpaksa mengakhiri balapan karena gearbox-nya bermasalah setelah sebelumnya, Schumi sempat melintir saat berseteru dengan mantan rekan setimnya di Ferrari, Felipe Massa.

Free Practice 1:
Schumacher          : 8th (1:24.369)
Rosberg                : 7th (1:24.250)

Free Practice 2:
Schumacher          : 8th (1:22.440)
Rosberg                : 7th (1:22.121)

Michael Schumacher’s Friday Quotes: (Hungarian GP)
"Coming to the second race of a back-to-back series means that you are not able to do a great deal to the car between the two weekends so the practice sessions today went pretty much according to our expectations. We do have the developments from the last couple of races to work with but they obviously do not mean we can make up some positions. We will certainly try to make the best of what we have in our hands for qualifying tomorrow and the race on Sunday." 

Free Practice 3:
Schumacher          : 8th (1:23.037)
Rosberg                : 6th (1:22.534)

Schumacher          : 9th (1:21.907)
Rosberg                : 7th (1:21.098)

Michael Schumacher’s Saturday Quotes: (Hungarian GP)
 "The positive thing that I can take from qualifying today is that I will be starting from the better side of the grid in ninth place. However there are also things which we need to investigate further as the first two sectors did not work out well for us today. They were fine with the prime tyres, but not with the super softs, so we will have a close look into the reasons why. As always, we will try to do the best that we can in the race tomorrow." 

Schumacher          : Retired (lap 27) Gearbox
Rosberg                : 9th

Michael Schumacher’s Sunday Quotes : (Hungarian GP) 
"An unfortunate end to my race today when we suffered a gearbox problem which forced my retirement. As far as we know, this had nothing to do with the spin I had when fighting with Felipe which was mainly caused by avoiding contact. At the start, we gambled a little with low tyre pressures as we were expecting the track to dry quite quickly, but that turned out to be very slippery to drive. I came in for dry tyres one lap too late, but we can only handle one car at a time obviously. From then onwards, the race developed normally, but I would not have been able to make a very big step forward from the position I was in when I retired."

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