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Minggu, 04 Maret 2012

Out of Bounds

Race 14: Singapura (25 September 2011)
Kali ini adalah balapan malam hari kedua yang dijalani Michael Schumacher. Awalnya Schumi memberikan penampilan yang menjanjikan untuk bisa mengulang aksi gemilang yang diperlihatkannya sejak dari GP Belgia dan Italia. Di sesi hari Jum’at, Schumi tampil jauh lebih kencang dari rekan setimnya. Hari Sabtu pagi, gap waktu antara dirinya dengan Rosberg hanya selisih tipis. Di kualifikasi, Michael kembali menjalankan strategi penghematan ban untuk lomba dengan memilih tidak melakukan flying lap. Strategi penghematan ban untuk lomba ini seharusnya bisa saja berjalan lancar kalau saja ia tak mengalami insiden dengan Sergio Perez (Sauber). Saat itu, Michael tengah kencang-kencangnya beradu posisi, tapi Perez dari sisi dalam mencoba menahan Schumi, jarak di antar keduanya terlalu dekat sehingga tabrakan pun tak bisa dihindarkan. Schumi terpaksa mengakhiri balapannya sementara Perez masih bisa melaju dan meraup satu poin setelah finish di urutan ke-10.

Free Practice 1:
Schumacher          : 8th   (1:52.416)
Rosberg                 : 10th (1:52.815)

Free Practice 2:
Schumacher          : 6th    (1:48.418)
Rosberg                 : 15th (1:50.790)

Michael Schumacher’s Friday Quotes: (Singapore GP)
"As usual on these types of circuits, the track is pretty slippery and provides low grip. It was not really useful therefore that the practice time was cut, because we had a big programme to work on. But then, it was what it was, so we made the best out of it. The picture overall is probably as expected: no big surprises, and maybe the most obvious thing is that the difference between the tyres is quite big. For the rest, it is too early to say as we did not have the time yet to analyse the practice sessions fully. I like the race here; it is a bit like the modern Monaco, very exciting with more run-off areas." 

Free Practice 3:
Schumacher          : 7th (1:47.837)
Rosberg                 : 6th (1:47.831)

Schumacher          : 8th (No Time)
Rosberg                 : 7th (1:46.013)

Michael Schumacher’s Saturday Quotes: (Singapore GP)
 "It was quite a tactical qualifying session, in which we chose not to run in Q3 to save new tyres for the race. In theory, this should be worth some time over the race distance, so it was a calculated risk worth taking. As we all know from the past, a lot of incidents can happen during the Singapore Grand Prix, so I will certainly go for any opportunity which might occur. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for Sebastian to clinch his second world title here tomorrow." 

Schumacher          : DNF (lap 29) kecelakaan dengan Sergio Perez
Rosberg                 : 7th

Michael Schumacher’s Sunday Quote: (Singapore GP)
"It was a very unfortunate ending to my race in Singapore tonight and obviously I am a bit disappointed. What happened was what I would call a misunderstanding between Sergio Perez and myself. He was about to go inside and lifted, and I was not expecting him to do that so early, and therefore hit him. It's probably one of those race incidents which look more impressive from outside than from inside, as I am totally ok and my impact in the end was not too heavy. It was a pity because my car and the tyres worked well, and therefore the pace was very good. I will look ahead to the next races and hope to have better endings there."

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