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Rabu, 24 Juni 2009

Alonso ready to follow teams out of F1


By Simon Strang

Double world champion Fernando Alonso says he would be prepared to walk away from Formula 1 if it did not feature the best teams and drivers in the world next year.

The 27-year-old Spaniard told reporters at Silverstone that he hoped the FIA and the Formula One Team's Association could resolve their differences over the 2010 regulations.

But he added that he would rather race for a FOTA-organised breakaway series or another category altogether, than compete in what he perceived to be a dilapidated F1, if they couldn't.

"I'm always optimistic and I really hope they find a solution, but I know that it is difficult times," he said. "It is a critical position and moment for Formula 1 and we have to be ready for tomorrow."

"We will see, I really hope tomorrow there is good news," he added. "In my opinion, I support the FOTA teams, they did a great job in the last couple of years, when there is something very big for Formula 1."

"We have contracts with our teams so we will go close to them until the end."

Alonso said that he was not ready to retire from competition and that his top priority was to race in the world's most competitive and technologically advanced series - whatever it may be called."

"At least for me it is not attractive at all the new Formula 1, with the small teams and no drivers," he said.

"We want to compete with the best teams in the world, with the maximum technology, we all want to compete with the best drivers, and this is what F1 and competition is all about. So if this is not what Formula 1 is about next year, then for sure it will be another category with that."

"I will not retire, I will drive for another championship," he said. "If it is not a new series, I will not join the new Formula 1 as I said with there small teams. Because for me this is not technology, this is not F1, this is not the category we loved for the last 60 years."

"So, there are more categories and hopefully I will find an attractive one outside F1, or outside Europe, and I will keep racing. I am 27-years-old only."

Alonso reiterated, however, that the ideal scenario would be for FOTA and the FIA to agree a deal tomorrow: "I am not closing any doors but as I said hopefully tomorrow there will be good news and all these things will not matter anymore."

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