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Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Schumi: Extremely unfortunate


Michael Schumacher believes it's "extremely unfortunate" what is happening to Formula One at present as the sport faces its darkest days.

With the FOTA eight - Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Toyota, BMW, Red Bull, Brawn GP and Toro Rosso - planning to start their own series, F1 is facing a time of unheavily that could lead to the demise of the sport.

But while some believe this is the only way to do, seven-time World Champion Schumacher is saddened by the sport's politics.

"I find it extremely unfortunate that in Formula 1 recently there is so much talk about politics and so little about sport," he told his website.

"I really hope those political games will soon be ended - they were already getting on my nerves during all my career. Because in the end doesn't it all come down to one simple fact: Motorsport is a great sport, Formula 1 has always been the best of it and has to remain the pinnacle.

"Formula 1 has always been the platform for the best drivers and the best teams. This is what is admired all over the world; this is what everybody wants to see. But if this is constantly put into question due to permanent uncertainty of rules it is maybe better to really defend that value, leave and establish it somewhere else in a reasonable way."

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