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Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Button: It's payback time at Silverstone


For the first time in his decade of competing in F1, Jenson Button heads to his home grand prix leading the World Championship, saying it's time to pay back the support of the British public.

Immediately after Button's emphatic victory in the Turkish GP, which saw him become only the fifth driver in Formula One history to win six of the opening seven races in a Championship, the Brawn GP driver's attentions are already turning to Silverstone.

A sell-out crowd of 100,000 is expected at Silverstone's final F1 grand prix before the historic venue makes way for the Donington Park in 2010.
And Button intends being the last man to win at the Northamptonshire track, as this year, he reckons, it's time to give something back to his fans.

"Every year I've been to Silverstone to race in Formula One it's quite amazing the support you get, even when you're not driving a competitive car and when you can't get a result you still get a lot of support which is fantastic," said the 29-year-old.

"The British public has always been behind their drivers. Going there this year is obviously a different situation: I'm leading the Championship. In previous years, when the car has been difficult to drive and we haven't had any results, in a way you're a little bit embarrassed because you've got so much support.

"You've got so much support but you can't give them anything back but to arrive there leading the Championship, I feel that, in a way, it's giving them something to really get a hold of and sink their teeth into and really enjoy.

"Yeah, so arriving at Silverstone I'm going to be very excited and looking forward to the weekend but when you get into the car you're a hundred percent focused. In a way it's another race while you're actually in the car.

"Before and after it's very different, for sure, but the great thing is, a lot of people that work in Formula One are British, we have a lot of fans in the United Kingdom, so hopefully we will put on a good show for them and we will have a sell-out crowd and this will help us in the future have a grand prix in the UK."

Aside from the British GP, the big picture is winning the World title, a feat that many believe Button already has in the bag. But while the Brawn driver concedes his 26-point lead at the top of the standings is "out of this world", he knows the situation could yet change.

"My lead is out of this world but I'm not going to lift off," he said.

"I want to do the best that I can at every race I go to and I'm still going to make every move that I possibly can to win every race.

"But I also know that it's not going to be easy. I will have a bad race this year and I will get beaten and it's being ready for that situation I suppose.

"I would love to win every single race this year but I've got another 19 guys on the circuit who want to stop me doing that. I'm in a good position, for sure.

"You would say that the situation at the moment is perfect but it could very easily go the wrong way.

"These guys (Red Bull) can suddenly bolt something on that will bring them to our pace or even quicker, so you can't take it for granted and you've got to keep pushing. You can't lift off and hope for the best or try and take it easy. You still have to keep pushing."

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