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Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Brawn biding time on title sponsorship

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By Jonathan Noble
Thursday, May 14th 2009

Brawn GP is happy to bide its time before deciding on if it will sign a title sponsorship deal this season, despite the continued success of the team.

The Brackley-based outfit has had an offer from Virgin to become title sponsors, but it is currently weighing up other options that could provide with a more stable long-term platform.

CEO Nick Fry has said that despite the huge exposure the team is getting through its on track success, there was no rush to sign up sponsors quickly - because what was more important was guaranteeing funding for the next few years.

"The situation will change when we make the decision to change it," Fry told AUTOSPORT about the team's sponsorship situation.

"We have a lot of offers on the table and we are not badly off for this year. We can do the job with the money and resources that we have got at the moment.

"What Ross [Brawn] and I are looking for is the best solution for the next five years, and we don't need to hurry. We have obviously had a kind offer from Virgin but there are other offers on the table from big companies who perhaps can't move as quickly as a company as entrepreneurial as Virgin.

"We are biding our time, not panicking, I am sure you will see more sponsors on the car but it will be done in a considered way."

Fry has also not ruled out the possibility of the team not having a title sponsor at all throughout 2009.

"I would hope we could do a deal over the course of this season, but whether or not we have a title sponsor on the car this year we will see," he explained.

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