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Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Ecclestone: Formula 1 is Ferrari

By Pablo Elizalde
Saturday, May 9th 2009

Bernie Ecclestone says Ferrari and Formula 1 are perfect for each other despite the Italian squad's disagreements with FIA president Max Mosley.

Mosley and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo have been at loggerheads since the governing body decided to introduce a budget cap for the 2010 season, meaning Formula 1 would become a two-tier championship.

The FIA president said Formula 1 could survive without Ferrari, the only team who has competed in every championship since 1950.

Ecclestone feels Mosley was just trying to hit back at di Montezemolo, and said Formula 1 is the perfect place for Ferrari.

"I don't think Max really meant what he said, he was just having a go at Luca a little bit," Ecclestone told Reuters.

"Formula One is Ferrari and Ferrari is Formula One. It's just a marriage made in heaven, one of those super things that work well."

The F1 supremo also reckons the Italian squad will return to the top following a poor start to the 2009 season.

"They'll catch up," said Ecclestone. "I think with (Jean) Todt gone, we've gone a little bit back to the way it was before Todt went there."

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