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Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Fry: Button's experience gives him edge

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By Jonathan Noble
Tuesday, May 12th 2009

Jenson Button's experience will give him the edge if the world championship fight turns out to be a battle between himself and Sebastian Vettel.

That is the view of Brawn GP's CEO Nick Fry, who thinks that Button's 158 race tally - plus the up and down form he has enjoyed in his nine full seasons in F1 – may prove an advantage against his Red Bull Racing rival who is starting his second full season.

"I think anyone who has been in F1 for as long as Jenson has, and been through what he has been through, is much, much stronger than someone who is younger," Fry told AUTOSPORT.

"I think Sebastian is an absolutely sensational driver but I think Jenson's experience counts for something."

Fry believes that Button is revelling in the situation he finds himself in at the moment because of the troubled years he has had at BAR and Honda in recent years.

"I think that Jenson has just sort of continued to mature in a fairly gradual way," said Fry. "He has had a lot of war wounds along the way but that makes him even stronger now.

"He is very relaxed in himself and I think you've seen here in Spain again when he gets the bit between his teeth and wants to win then these days he is pretty formidable. He is someone who is 29-years-old now, he has a lot of experience, he is more comfortable in his own skin – and that makes a huge difference to his inner confidence."

Although Button has opened up a comfortable lead at the top of the title standings, Fry says Brawn is remaining cautious about its championship hopes.

"I think that our view is that it is still one race at a time," he said. "It is still very early in the year and it is great where we are, but I don't think anyone inside is thinking too much about that.

"It is do the best possible job – and that is what we are doing all along. Through the survival of the team we have learned to take one step at a time, and we really just continue with the same philosophy.

"Every day is a new day and we try and do our best. The guys are just doing a great job and there is a huge enthusiasm. They are getting into the swing of things now.

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