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Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009

FIA publishes full McLaren verdict


By Edd Straw
The FIA has published its full verdict from Wednesday's extraordinary meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, which reveals the extent to which McLaren's actions after the stewards' room controversy moderated the punishment.

Although found guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute, the FIA believes that McLaren's willingness to be open and apologetic in the wake of the controversy justified its three race ban being suspended.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh was praised for his attitude, citing his willingness to admit to the charges and apologise, in writing, to unreservedly to the WMSC. The FIA's verdict also pointed to his assurances that such a situation would not arise again as a key mitigating factor.

The verdict read: "The McLaren team principal has assured members of the WMSC that there has been a change of culture within McLaren and that the course of conduct - or similar - will not be repeated."

The FIA also said that Lewis Hamilton's candid press conference on the Friday before the Malaysian Grand Prix and the fact that Sporting Director Dave Ryan was no longer employed by the team were seen as positive moves.

The WMSC's verdict added that McLaren being punished for the spy scandal in September 2007 was considered as an aggravating factory when it was considering its punishment.

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