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Selasa, 20 Januari 2009

Dennis' former flight steward withdraws case

http://f1.gpupdate. net/en/news/ 2009/01/14/ dennis-former- flight-steward- withdraws- case/

A former steward on Ron Dennis' aeroplane, Peter Boland, has withdrawn his case against the McLaren team boss. It is believed the Briton accused the Dennis of being homophobic and racist.

Ron Dennis was obviously pleased to hear Boland withdraw his case.Dennis said on the matter: "Clearly, I and all at McLaren, and all the other respondents, have been totally vindicated by the complete and unequivocal withdrawal and unreserved apology by Peter Boland, who had worked as a steward on my aeroplane between 2002 and 2007. This case has been hurtful, irritating and unnecessary, in the sense that no impropriety ever took place, which fact Mr Boland now concedes.

"Equally, Mr Boland accepts that I have never said or done anything either racist or homophobic. Moreover, every action taken by my colleagues and me in connection with Mr Boland's dismissal was done with the intention of minimising the negative impact of that dismissal on his reputation and employment record. Had he not embarked on this unsuccessful and injudicious legal action, which he has anyway now abandoned, those goals could have been achieved."

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