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Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

India to make F1 debut in 2011 - Ecclestone

http://f1.gpupdate. net/en/news/ 2009/01/22/ india-to- make-f1-debut- in-2011-ecclesto ne/

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says India will definitely be on the F1 calendar from the 2011 season onwards, insisting that he and the Indian circuit developers are 'fully committed' to making the race happen.

"Of course we will deliver, otherwise we wouldn't have entered into an agreement," Ecclestone told the BBC Asian Network of his deal to bring F1 to India in 2011. "It's a large country with a big population and it's good for sponsors, car manufacturers and everyone involved in F1."

Ecclestone added that while he expects the F1 race in India to be a success he doubts it will ever be as big there as cricket.

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