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Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

Michael 40th Birthday

Taken from la Gazzetta de lo Sport

Michael 40th Birthday

Di Montezemolo:
''Dear Michael, many congratulations and a happy birthday ! The years go by quickly but you continue to be in an extraordinary form. I always have in mind the many moments we've spent together, the beautiful ones but above all the difficult ones that have made our relationship ever stronger. I miss you a bit but I know you're always close to us and that your advice will still be precious both for the road cars as well as the new Formula 1 car, that will soon see the light. Between one bike race and another I remember you !''

''Dear Michael, all the best for your 40th birthday. You've had the nicest career a passionate of motorsports could wish for and now you can enjoy life together with your loved ones. Eventhough we will see each other in a different setting compared to that of the period from 1996 to now, I hope to stay with you for a long time to come.''

''Dear Michael,welcome to the club of fourty-year olds ! We've almost got the same age and we've shared many years together in Maranello. You've given us a lot and I think we've given a lot to you also. We still have to cover some mileage together and your experience will be useful to us, especially in a moment like this: characterised by big changes.''

''Fourty years...oh well, you'll stay younger than me. I think you've been the best driver I've had the fortune to work with and one of the strongest emotions is related to you: bringing back the title to Ferrari in 2000. By looking for new challenges you've brilliantly overcome your retirement, which is certainly a shocking moment for each racing driver.''

''It seems incredible to me that you turn fourty today when I think about the fact we've been working together for twenty years now, half the time of your life in other words. But I'm really happy for you because you can celebrate this birthday in complete serenity. And it's clear that I wish you many healthy years to come, which is the most important thing apart from the success and the joy.''

''I wish you all the best. I've always considered you as a champion, on and off track. The secret behind your success is that you put passion in everything you do. Thanks to your skills you've made my Benetton successful and then you've brought back Ferrari to the top. So I'm sure that in the coming fourty years there will be plenty of satisfaction.''

''Dear Michael,happy birthday ! You've been an example to follow for your career and for your working method with the team but you will also be an example when it comes to retiring. When I saw you with karts in Floranopolis you had the enthusiasm of a boy: is it this secret that keeps you young ?
A hug, Felipe.''

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