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Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

No more engine breaks for teams

Source: http://f1.gpupdate. net/en/news/ 2009/01/28/ no-more-engine- breaks-for- teams/

F1 teams will not be allowed to have any more chances to get their engines up to par after the FIA agreed to allow some teams to catch up this winter by unfreezing the engine development restrictions.

"I can't really give you confidential information, " FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting explained, "But we gave all the teams the opportunity to submit a list of things they would like to change in order to achieve engine parity, because there seemed to be some disparity between engine performance, which was not intended.

Then, with Honda's withdrawal - they appeared to be the ones down on power - the engine manufacturers agreed among themselves that they would not seek any engine parity changes, and they would allow Renault to do something," he added. "It's what I would describe as a minor upgrade. It's a one-off thing; it's not an on-going thing. Now, teams have submitted their list; we've agreed to it and that's the end of it until 2012."

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