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Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

Malaysia also agrees to 'twilight' race

Source: http://en.f1- f1/en/headlines/ news/detail/ 090128100330. shtml

Like Australia, fellow faraway F1 race host Malaysia will also stage a 'twilight' Grand Prix beginning in 2009, it has emerged.

Instead of agreeing to install expensive floodlighting and run a Singapore-style night race, organisers of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne last year negotiated to postpone the race start-time to 5pm beginning in 2009.

"Obviously, the later it is the better. I suppose it is easier getting up in Europe at 6am than 3am," a half-satisfied F1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone said last year.

Also to benefit European television viewers, it appears Malaysia has also agreed to the 'twilight' scheme, as the FIA on Tuesday confirmed the 5pm race start-time for both opening rounds of the 2009 championship.

Qualifying in Melbourne and Sepang will also take place at 5pm local time.

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