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Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

Ecclestone offers teams new deal

Source: http://f1.gpupdate. net/en/news/ 2009/01/26/ ecclestone- offers-teams- new-deal/

Bernie Ecclestone has offered car manufacturers involved in F1 a new deal which includes greater financial freedom in exchange for their long-term commitment to the sport.

The offer comes following Honda's demise and the ongoing discussion between FOTA and Ecclestone in which the teams are asking for a greater share of the revenues generated by F1, especially in the current economic climate.

"If the manufacturers are prepared to make a long-term commitment, say seven to ten years, we should let them spend what they want to, providing they supply engines and gearboxes at an affordable price," Ecclestone told the Daily Telegraph.

"It would prevent the kind of thing we've seen with Honda because we could sue them if they left," he added on how his plan would help secure the sport's future. "They wouldn't like that. Whether they will commit to that I don't know. Getting them to agree on anything has always been the problem

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