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Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Barrichello over German GP anger

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By Jonathan Noble

Rubens Barrichello says he is now over his anger that erupted at the German Grand Prix - after realising that his Brawn team did not cost him the chance of victory.

The Brazilian was furious following his sixth place finish at the Nurburgring after feeling that Brawn GP's strategy and errors had provided a 'good show of how to lose a race.'

He even suggested that he was not interested in listening to what the team had to say about the matter in the post-race debrief as it would just be a lot of 'blah, blah, blah.'

But writing on his own Twitter feed after arriving in the United States on Monday, Barrichello said that post-race reflections had changed his view of the situation.

"I was very upset yesterday but I am over it," he wrote. "I would not have won the race as the Red Bulls were half a second faster per lap, but third was very possible without the pit problems."

And Barrichello made it clear to his fans that he would continue his focus on the title.

"I will fight [while] I have chances for the championship," he said. "I promise. It was a tough day yesterday but I am over it now."

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