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Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Button stays calm on title prospects

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By Jonathan Noble

Jenson Button says his Brawn GP team is remaining calm about its world championship prospects, despite rival Red Bull Racing having got huge momentum behind it following its latest victory in the German Grand Prix.

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel delivered the second consecutive one-two finish for Red Bull at the Nurburgring on Sunday to leave Button worried about his lead in the title standings.

However, despite the turnaround in form that has happened since Red Bull introduced a huge upgrade to its RB5 at Silverstone, Button says there is no panic yet from himself or his Brawn team.

When asked if he felt it important to stay cool, Button said: "Yeah, for sure. You can shout at the team and say improve this or improve that, but they know what they have got to do. We do need to stay calm, put the improvements on the car and just get every little bit out of it.

"We are very experienced at being midfield, so we know all the little details and that everything has to be perfect to be competitive. We will be stronger in Hungary and I am glad we've got these two races out of the way, I just wish we had a few more points out of them."

Button admits that there are concerns about the manner in which his rivals have started closing in on him, but he is sure that the Hungarian GP will deliver better fortunes for him.

"You have to worry but I don't think it is a 'oh damn we are going to lose the championship. It is a ‘come on, let's make the difference'. We have some new parts for Hungary, and I am looking forward to it. We know our car will be strong there, but we don't know how strong. We have to wait and see."

He added: "We've got to look forward to it. It's only two weeks away, so not too long. Something on the aero package is new and it is a hot circuit - so let's hope we are quick there, because if we are not then we have got a problem.

"Hopefully it will be nice weather there. I've won a race there and it has been wet, so hopefully that won't happen – the wet bit. These last two races have been quite difficult.

"I didn't think this one would be so much, but it was, and we have just got to hope that it is hot in Hungary. And if we are not quick in the heat there we have got a problem, but I think we will be competitive."

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