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Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

Schumi denies he's off to Brawn GP


Michael Schumacher has denied he's on his way to Brawn GP to take up a senior role within Ross Brawn's outfit.

During the course of the German GP weekend, rumours emerged claiming Schumacher would once again be linking up with Brawn, the man who helped him to his seven World titles, swapping his role at Ferrari for one at Brawn GP.

The German, though, has denied this.

"If I would have wanted to work, I had the options, and may even now have the options," Schumacher told BBC Sport.

"But right now, it is not what I am looking for."

As for the dream of many of his fans that he returns to F1 racing, Schumi says that is definitely not on the cards.

"I haven't had the need of the adrenaline all these years," he said. "What I'm doing now is for the pure pleasure."

"I have put myself a certain distance away from it and it doesn't feel the same at all."

"When you're inside you're so deeply involved in the details and I'm certainly not because I don't want to dedicate the time for it."

"I have a nice distance in order to overview things from a relaxed base and from that point of view give decent input."

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