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Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

Massa will leave hospital on Monday

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By Peter Farkas

Felipe Massa will leave Hungary by a private plane on Monday, his personal doctor, Dino Altmann confirmed.

"Felipe continues to improve, he is doing very well, and we already decided to go back home on Monday to Brazil," Altmann told journalists on Friday at the AEK Hospital in Budapest, where Massa has been treated since his accident during the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

"He will fly to Sao Paulo."

Altmann said "there was no need" for the Brazilian to be taken to FIA Institute deputy president Gerard Saillant's clinic in Paris, where Michael Schumacher was also treated after he broke his leg in an accident ten years ago.

"He has to continue his recovery and go back racing as soon as possible, that's the plan," Altmann added. "No special treatment.

"He is in very good mood, he is in good shape. He wants to come back soon."

Ferrari decided to replace Massa with seven-time world champion Schumacher, who has already started practicing at a wheel of a two-year old F2007 at Mugello today.

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