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Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

Ecclestone sorry for Hitler remarks

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By Jonathan Noble

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has issued an unreserved apology for his remarks about Adolf Hitler that were published at the weekend - claiming he was an 'idiot' for saying it.

Ecclestone caused a huge media storm after he suggested in an interview with The Times that he liked the way that Adolf Hitler 'got things done.'

Those comments prompted outrage from politicians and Jews, and Ecclestone moved to set the record straight on Monday during a lengthy interview with the Jewish Chronicle.

"I'm just sorry that I was an idiot," he told the publication. "I sincerely, genuinely apologise."

Ecclestone expressed deep remorse for having upset people with the comments, which led to calls from Jewish and German organisations for him to resign.

"I never supported Hitler, I don't think there's anybody in this world who could support Hitler and the atrocities they carried out," continued Ecclestone.

He added: "What I regret is people who have taken this the wrong way and have been offended, I'm really, really sad about because I have done an awful lot for the Jewish community throughout, charities and whatever.

"Most of my mates are Jewish people; I spoke to two or three very prominent people today, Jewish people. One of them said to me, 'Bernie, you're more Jewish than all of my friends'."

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