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Sabtu, 26 September 2009

Briatore: I've been betrayed but I will win

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Flavio Briatore has vowed to come out swinging after being "betrayed by my own world" in the Renault race-fixing scandal.

The disgraced former team boss was hit the hardest when the FIA declared that himself, Pat Symonds and Nelson Piquet Jr conspired to cause a deliberate crash in last year's Singapore GP.

While Piquet Jr had immunity and Symonds was handed a five-year ban, Briatore was banned for life from any FIA-sanctioned event as well as from managing drivers.

The Italian, though, is not taking his punishment lying down, saying that in the end he will be the one popping the victory champagne.

"I've been betrayed by my own world," Briatore told the Repubblica newspaper.

"In the end I will win and, you'll see, we'll have a great party. It will be organized well and we'll invite all those people who have stayed close to me during these tough times.

"(This response) is just a matter of good manners, because I don't want to say absolutely anything. I'm not giving any quotes. I will talk only at the right time, assuming that they still allow me to talk.

"Look at the verdict the FIA has put online on Tuesday: it is not about me."

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