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Selasa, 08 September 2009

Massa: Button is cracking under pressure

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Felipe Massa reckons that Jenson Button's recent downturn is the consequence of the Brawn driver suffering under the pressure of chasing the World Championship.

After winning six of the first seven races of the season, Button has struggled since the start of the summer, collecting just eleven points in the last five grands prix. That sudden dip has seen Rubens Barrichello close the gap to his team-mate at the top of the standings to just 16 points with Massa convinced that the Englishman is beginning to crack under pressure.

"Rubens has five races to close 16 points," Massa told The Guardian. "It's a big possibility. But it depends on Jenson. If Jenson carries on in this bad way it will help Rubens a lot. In my opinion, Jenson has gone down because of the pressure. It's the only reason.

"At the start of the season everything was nice, everything was easy. He was in a new team winning six out of the first seven races. That's different to fighting hard for the championship. Now he has a different kind of pressure. In the earlier races he was almost half a second quicker than some teams. You win the race easy and there is not so much pressure. But now we have races where things are more difficult. So for me the pressure has had a big impact on his mind - and he needs to deal with it better. If he does not cope with the pressure he will not win the championship."

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