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Jumat, 18 September 2009

Piquet Sr: Of course Alonso knew

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In another spate of leaked transcripts from the FIA's investigation into Renault, Nelson Piquet Sr told private investigators that there is no way Fernando Alonso didn't know about the alleged order to crash.

With the Monza paddock abuzz last weekend with speculation about Renault's race-fixing scandal, Alonso denied any knowledge, saying he "cannot imagine this situation."

Asked point black if he was aware of the team's alleged actions, the double World Champion said: "No."

However, according to transcripts published by the Daily Mirror, one man, Piquet Sr, doubts Alonso's story.

In his interview with Martin Smith of Quest, the private investigators employed by the FIA, Piquet Sr said: "Look, if, if you wanna ask me if Alonso knew what was gonna happen, of course he knew. Of course he knew."

Smith responded: "That wasn't what I asked you but..."

To which Piquet Sr continued: "Of course he knew. You know it's no way... and if you are very light on fuel maybe you will pass two cars in 12 laps. Maybe three cars, but after that you refuel and go right to the back then and that's it."

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