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Senin, 28 September 2009

Button, the medal system champion


By Jonathan Noble

Jenson Button says he has no regrets about Formula 1 having abandoned the proposed 'winner takes all' medal system on the eve of this season - even though if it had remained he would now be world champion.

Lewis Hamilton's victory in the Singapore Grand Prix has left Button's rivals unable to match the Brawn GP's tally of six wins before the end of the campaign - something that would have given him the crown under Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA's original plan to award the title to the man with the most triumphs.

Although F1 teams overturned that plan because the new rule was not introduced properly, Button says he is happy to be fighting for a world title still based on points.

"The 'winner takes all' system was an unusual idea but F1 is always the way it has been now with points," he told AUTOSPORT about the situation. "So that is the world championship, and that is what I want to win."

Brawn GP's CEO Nick Fry also said he was happy that the title fight was still ongoing, and felt it correct teams had put pressure on the FIA to abandon the rule change.

"I think it will be much more fun going to the last race," he told AUTOSPORT. "I think it is the still the right decision to continue as we were. Personally I am not convinced that copying from something else, like the Olympics, is necessarily the right thing to do. So I am not unhappy."

The points under the 'winner takes all' system would now be:

Jenson Button 6
Sebastian Vettel 2
Lewis Hamilton 2
Rubens Barrichello 2
Mark Webber 1
Kimi Raikkonen 1

Singapore GP - Sunday - Team Quotes
Jenson Button (5th):
"It was a good race for me and I'm happy with fifth position and four more points today. Getting ahead of Kazuki off the line was key and that really made my race. The first stint was quite frustrating as I could see Rubens getting away from me whilst I was stuck behind Heikki with a heavier fuel load. The safety car then made it very difficult as I still had fuel for a few more laps and should have been able to make up two places at my first stop. I had to put in some quick laps before my second stop to close up to Rubens and then we were pushing to catch Sebastian before deciding to save the brakes and settle for the fifth position. The weekend hasn't been quite what we expected but it's good to come through from 11th on the grid to score points today. I'll go to Japan tomorrow feeling very positive and looking forward to the next race."

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